Website Design Level 2

The advanced course for Website Design will build upon the concepts learned in the introductory course. Students will move on from the design of websites to their functionality. Using Javascript, students will learn how to create web applications, how to add functionality and animation into their website, and how to make their own website better than it already is.

Dates: Saturdays Jan 28, March 4, March 18, April 22, May 6, May 20

Time: 6:15–7:45pm

Location: 10070 Imperial Ave, Cupertino, CA, 95014

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Andrew Zhou

Andrew is a high school junior at Homestead High School. He has two and a half years of experience teaching programming, including various web development and java courses. He's also very experienced in lecturing and public speaking. He has three years of programming experience, including three years of Java, and three years of combined experience working with web development both in the front and back end as well as swift and mobile application development, with his completed game currently on the app store ( Andrew is very experienced, and is also excited to work with future SVY programming students!

Teaching Assistant

Steven Long

Steven Long is currently a freshman at Monta Vista High School. He is proficient in HTML, CSS, Java, and C++. Steven enjoys learning new algorithms and solving problems. He participates in USACO contests, and he is in his school's robotics team and computer science club. He has teaching experience volunteering as a tutor for underprivileged students.


In this class, students will learn the following concepts and more:

  • Javascript basics
  • Printing to Console
  • Buttons
  • Changing style via Javascript
  • The Document Object Model
  • Javascript variables
  • Javascript functions
  • Arrays
  • If/else statements
  • Loops