US History (for 5th Graders)

This class investigates the changing social, political, and economic atmosphere in America from the mid 1700s until today. In this class, you will read documents from the past and discuss their impact on American history then and now.

Dates: Fridays Feb 3, Feb 17, March 3, March 10, March 17, March 31

Time: 7:00–8:00pm

Location: Room 18, Miller Middle School, 6151 Rainbow Dr, San Jose, CA 95129


Leo Yang

Leo has worked as a teaching assitant for Oliver Ye's U.S. History course after being his student. He therefore knows both sides of the classroom environment well. He is interested in history and the many random facts and fun along with the basic knowledge it provides. He wants others to have the same fun he has had learning U.S. History.

Max Zhang

Max has participated in the Geography Bee for many years, and is interested in many different topics in history, such as politics and wars. He is a passionate and patient person, and he is looking foward to helping students learn history and improve their skills.

Course Outline

  1. Pre- and Post-Revolution
  2. Westward Expansion, Civil War
  3. Gilded Age, Progressivism, Imperialism
  4. World War I, Roaring Twenties, Great Depression, World War II
  5. Cold War
  6. Modern Era, jeopardy game, prizes

Class Photos